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Herzlich Willkommen im MatheMuseumStams

Das MatheMuseumStams wird von SchülerInnen für Kinder und Erwachsene eingerichtet.

Interaktiv: Eine Ausstellung zum Mitmachen, Staunen, Entdecken, Erkennen und Weiterdenken. Die Exponate laden den Besucher zum Ausprobieren, Experimentieren, Anfassen, Interagieren, Spielen und Knobeln ein.
Interdisziplinär: Neben Mathematik, Informatik, Bildnerische Erziehung, Werkunterricht, Musik, Physik, Geschichte sind alle Fächer eingeladen mit den SchülerInnen gemeinsam Exponate zu entwickeln, zu testen, herzustellen  und zu präsentieren.
2018 New exhibits using rasperry Pi
May 2017: Visiting math teacher from the university vienna
June 2016: Mathematics Teachers of West Wilkes High SchooNorth Carolina, USA visiting mathemuseum.org in Stams

on a quest to discover ways that various mathematicians areusing to popularize math with young people. The teachers were very interested in learning more of the what you have done since exhits in mathemuseum.org and they would like to attempt something similar at their High school.

New projects: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices: Strategic partnership of mathemuseum.org with National Aviation University Ucraine  and other institutions from Germany, Greece and Hungary

LED Cube for the visualization of algebraic geometry

drone with speech recognition

Feel the function

Attend TIME 2016 in Mexico City, 29 June - 2 July 2016 , http://time2016.fciencias.unam.mx/


 For a list of math museums worldwide, check out the math museums map, maintained by the Math Communication Network (imaginary.org)

First MATRIX (Mathematics Awareness, Training, Resource, & Information Exchange) conference, to be held 2014 Sept 18 – 20 in Dresden, Germany. - The Matrix conference was the first meeting specifically devoted to math museums and exhibitions, and it gathered representatives of the majority of most relevant math museums to the date. It served as a meeting point to discuss approaches to math outreach practices, and evidenced the interactions, similarities and differences between different institutions. It was organized by the Museum of Mathematics (New York) and Erlebnisland Mathematik (Dresden), with the partnership of the KoMSO network and IMAGINARY.See more at: http://momath.org/home/matrix-conference

Presentation 3 mini-exhibits and one video